Medical Records and Referrals

Referrals, Medical Records, and Prior Authorizations:

We have staff trained to assist you with referrals to specialists, medical records requests, and insurance prior authorizations.  If you need to speak with someone related to one of these concerns, please choose the correct telephone option.  Your concern will be addressed as quickly as possible.  The direct phone line for medical records, referrals and prior authorizations is (540) 364-1581, extension 167.

Copying of Medical Records: 

If you need records sent to another medical provider or office, you may print and complete the Medical Records Release Form (see link below). You may mail, drop off, or return this form to us via fax at (540) 364-7314, signed, and we will promptly forward your medical records. For your convenience you may contact our office and request the medical records department.  There may be a reasonable charge to cover the administrative costs of copying your records, to be sent to another office or institution, as set by Virginia Code § 8.01-413.

(Medical Records Release Form)

Requests for Physicians to Complete Paperwork/Forms: 

If forms are requested to be filled out by the physician, outside of an office appointment, there may be a reasonable charge associated with this service.  Typical fees are $25 for basic forms, or $50 for more complex forms (Note: fees are subject to change, and at the discretion of the doctor completing the paperwork).  Examples of this include but are not limited to: disability, FMLA, school/college/camp physical examination and Boy Scout/Girl Scout examination forms, claims related to workman’s compensation cases, requests/authorizations for special equipment or durable medical equipment (DME), Nursing Home or Assisted Living Care plans and financial hardship certifications for drug companies.  If completed during an office visit for the purpose of completing paperwork, the physician may choose to waive an additional fee for form completion outside of the charge of the visit.